Thursday, September 30, 2010

New blog :D

Hahahhaha well people, i have created my student blog :D
and i am soooo excited about it.
please oh please check it out (A)

*click it*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Final Year x

As everyone knows, dubai students have started school yet again.
and this is my final year. I can't believe I'm already sitting for my O levels end of this year.
its quite exhilarating actually.
to be honest school is exactly the same as it was last year.
its as though we just continuing where we left of.
Same students in the same class.
i think the only new fact bout school this time is a small population of new students, chairs and tables in the halls, and the new teachers.
some are quite impossible to understand to be honest.
like i have this new teacher, i will not say who.
but i think she needs to like try to be a little bit more serious.
I have to make my own freakin student blog now.
i"ll post it up here for your own pleasure ;)

You know anytime your bored, just click it :D

Yalla, am off me lovely readers.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Holland x

Good Morning World :D

Our lovely flight of 6 hours went quite well actually..
Isnt the view just breathtaking?
Enjoy Bitches ;)

The streets.

Check this out people.
this is the first thing you get to see when you get out of the airport.
hahah orgasmic innit?

anyways loves, am gonna go off and enjoy chatting on msn and fb-ing like a homo.

Monday, June 21, 2010


omg. I'm actually blogging from my blackberry! :)
What can I say?
I'm just sooo jobless.
Well I'm in bed and its 1am.
I can't believe I'm actually gonna say this.
But I miss my baby :(
Haven't seen him in like 2 days now and it feels like forever :(

I have to go to school tomorrow /:
Elli's concert thing is tomorrow and I have to be there.
I hope duwane and nikol and josh are in school to ease the painful boredom.
I wonder how this would look on the blog.
Since I can't fix the color or the size of the fonts :p

Am gonna go off to bed :)
Lovee to all.

Ps. My friends were burned alive in they're house in mirdiff and now
They're in a coma in the hospital. It would mean a lot for you to pray
For them.. Kim,Fatima,leena & daniella.. Were with you and I know ur strong
Enough to make it through this. Everything will be back to normal Inshaallah.
Love u gurls and my prayers are for you..


Thursday, June 17, 2010

summertime ;)

Ladies and gents.
Summer is finally here and guess what?!
I cant wait to start partying the night awayy.
am gonna be starting tonight actually :D
Jemuals birthday is the kick-off to my summer partying sessions.
im typing this from the school lab actually.
Mirna is sitting right next to me.
Lol x
moving on

exams finally over like proper over.
no more arabic and freakin IT.
ahhhhh...the smell of freshh air is sooo refreshing isnt it? (A)
im going to Holland on the 28th for elisha's wedding thingy.
papa, mama and elli will be heading to london and i shall be on my own in Holland.
moving on
Am currently addicted to three things right now.

My Blackberry :)
And everyone who owns one would have to agree that it is Everything!

Since my bb has it therefore i am addicted to it aswell :D

The L Word.
This is defo my new gossipgirl.
I havent finished watching season 3 of GG yet though.
Mirna is going to get me the CD's Coz shes such an angel :)
Now The L Word is about a group of lesbians who go through problems and shit.
plus the sex scenes are just uber awsome! :)

i have math after this so i think ama go.
loveee youuussss xx

Song currently addicted to : Eminem & Rihanna-I Love The Way You Lie

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home :(

My exams are finally over.
besides the fact that arabic and IT isnt really counted as exams :p
guess what?!
im fucking home :(
its a thursday night and my finals are over and im HOME.
well im saving it for tomorrow then.
Im out tomorrow bitches and i wanna be out the WHOLE DAY.
the best friend here isnt doing so well.
i doubt i can actually call her that anymore.
thing with DUBAI is that you cant really have a bestfriend.
there isnt such a thing.
its kinda like asking a tree to live without any source of water.
Dubai is made up of backstabbers, drunks, pedo's and fuckers :D
occasionally you have the decent ones.
im lucky enough to have quite a few of those rare breeds.
soo since i have nothing much to really blog about at this time.
i think im gonna sleep or surf the web to kill time.
blog tomorrow probably..

Lovess To All You Hoes <3


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Loving Me ;)

You know you love me (A)
Hahah yes yes i know i havent been updating at ALL.
Tbh theres not much to update about.
No idea why im even updating :p
well here goes the stories/drama's/fuck-ups etc.

Tomorrow is my Travel&Tourism paper and thats practically my last important paper.
I fucked my finals.
I studied but the grades arent pulling through.
Sucks like a bitch though.
I mean i practically dropped one grade in most of my subjects.
I saw my business results and i cried you hoes.
I got a fucking B :/
anyways. Finals are almost over.
haha thank god i swear.
i need a break from school.
aghhh soo much stress and studying and teachers and drama.

moving on.

other then that elisha is freakin out for her wedding shit.
lol how i am so not surprised.
Randy and lisha's wedding!
woop woop.
were going to holland on the 28th i think.
mama's apparently booked the tickets and shit.

moving on.

Omg heres GOOD news :D
I wrote a short story for my english class yea and out of about 30 students.
only 9 were chosen
and i was one of emmm!!!
hahaha my story is on the freakin school online magazine.
and i am also on the editorial team :D
imma hook up the link for ya'll sexy hoes to check out my oh so emo story.
*click the fuck out of it*

moving on.

Im dating.
yes i know i know.
im not in love though :D
we've been dating for a month and a half.
no story on this one
his names SALIM
and he's 21 :D
thats about it.
im with him ALL the time and i think i might really like this guy.
but after the last heartbreak
im not gonna let him have me that easily.

anyways lovelies.
am off to bed.
wish me luck :)